Plans for Tammy Norie

I bought Tammy Norie because to me she seemed like an excellent compromise. Her 0.6m draft will enable me to poke around in estuaries and rivers in the manner of Dylan Winter but at the same time Roger Taylor has proved that she can voyage across thousands of miles of ocean to some of the most remote places on earth. And I’ve been interested in the junk rig ever since I borrowed Annie Hill’s Voyaging on a Small Income from my parents. In the last 12 years I’ve sailed thousands of miles all over Europe with the Cambridge University Yacht Club and even have a share in Puffin.

So what are my plans?  Unusually for me, I’m thinking four years ahead.

In 2014 I’ll finish preparing Tammy Norie for sailing in Europe. I intend to do a lot of pottering around the UK coast, and possibly make a trip to the Netherlands.  If I get really ambitious I might take her to the Algarve for the winter.

In 2015 my main goal is the Jester Baltimore Challenge: a single-handed voyage from Plymouth to Baltimore (the original one in Ireland).  And of course, some sort of return journey.

In 2016 my goal is the Jester Azores Challenge: similar to the above but from Plymouth to the Azores. And again, I’ll have to get back.

In 2018 my goal is the Jester Challenge: single-handed across the Atlantic. And this time, perhaps I’ll be coming back the long way around.

Of course, it may turn out that I’m not cut out for single-handed ocean sailing, but I really want to find out.


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