Flopper stopper

Sarabande on the YBW forums posted a link to a device called a “flopper stopper” in a thread about wobbly boats.

This thing strongly resembles the Coromandel anchor locker lid. Mine makes ominous creaking noises when I step on it and I’ve been thinking about making it stronger. I bet I can make it do double duty as a flopper stopper when I do.


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6 responses to “Flopper stopper

  1. Antoine Maartens

    Do you find you need it?

  2. I found this video of a flopper stopper in action, taking by a diver. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9cCl_ohwjU

  3. I will probably do this by adding some extra layers of fibreflass to the locker lid, and bonding in three Bigheads to attach eye bolt for the lines. Bighead put me on to TR Fastenings in Poole who will supply Bigheads in small quantities if they have them in stock. That’s also useful to know for various other projects I have in mind.

    It would be simple to glue some plywood to the inside of the locker, of course, and just screw on some eyes. But this thing could spend quite a bit of time under water, and the anchor locker lid gets exposed to water a lot, so I’d rather go with something that won’t rot.

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