Jester Ipswich Challenge

Poor Tammy Norie has been sitting in the mud at Woodbridge for a few weeks since the North Sea crossing back from the Netherlands.  Suddenly I have a lot of work requests from clients and very little time to sail. I’m having something of a three bus problem at work.

This Saturday night there’ll be a dinner for Jester Challengers at Fox’s Marina in Ipswich. There’s a big morning high tide at Woodbridge on Saturday, pleasant weather and a fair wind, so it looks good to get off the mud at about 10:30, sail down the Deben, around the corner at Felixstowe, and up to Fox’s.

Sunday is not quite so convenient. There’s a very high (4.4m) tide at Woodbridge at 00:44 on Monday, so I should be able to get back on to the dock at about 23:15, then head back to Cambridge in the morning.

As usual, do let me know if you’d like to meet up or join in!


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8 responses to “Jester Ipswich Challenge

  1. James

    Hi Richard, been following your blog with interest. Just upstream of the Orwell bridge on the trot moorings is my boat Barney, a Junk rigged Varne 27, which was fitted out by the previous owner in preparation for a Jester challenge. If you fancy coming aboard for a cup of tea give me a shout!


  2. Clive Cummings

    Any update. Btw bought a Honda BF5 for my coromandel much better.

  3. Giles Morgan

    I passed Tammy Norie on Friday – this for the first time since late September/early October – and she is looking absolutely fine.

    (I had guessed by the absence of recent posts that she was still there!)

    Weather was great on Friday, a lot of birds on the mudflats … Great to be back on the river.


    • Thank you Giles! I’ve had a lot of work since September and it’s going to continue right up until Christmas. I have managed to visit Tammy only twice in that time, so I’m very grateful to you for eyeballing her. I will have some news soon about Jester Challenge plans.

  4. Hi Clive, I also have a Coromandel, and am hoping to buy a Honda BF5. Based on your experience, would you recommend the short (standard ) shaft or the long-shaft, for fitting in the outboard well?

    • The short shaft is long enough, but I do find the prop comes out of the water sometimes in a F6 on the starboard tack, so a long shaft might be a good idea.

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