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Visiting Taiwan

I will be visiting Taiwan next week. I plan to track down traditional boats and visit any maritime museums I can while I’m there.

Does anyone have any tips?

I will report back with whatever I find!

I’m sorry the blog has been so quiet. I have been very occupied with work since September and have had almost no time for sailing or boats at all. However, there is some news, and I will write some detailed entries soon about it.  The short version:

  1. Tammy Norie was craned out two weeks ago at Woodbridge and I towed her to Waterbeach, near Cambridge, where she’s in a friend’s driveway, so that I can work on her.
  2. I have a fairly detailed to-do list for the Jester Azores Challenge and will share the plans with you on the blog.
  3. I will be making pictures and videos of my work on Tammy leading up to the Jester Azores Challenge.

Right now, the Challenge feels impossible. But then again, what I did last summer seems quite unlikely, so that’s no guide.


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