Tammy Norie and I are both alive

Hello friends and followers of my adventures on Tammy Norie. I’ve had several messages asking after me. I thought I should give you a quick update!

I have been quite unwell for several months, and unable to make very much progress with plans and repairs to Tammy Norie, let alone launching and sailing her.  There are several stories to tell.  When Dad and I towed her south from Cambridge, both the offside wheels fell off the trailer. Tammy had to be rescued for the second time since I’ve had her. This time it wasn’t a salvage company, but a low loader that brought her home.  The studs holding on the wheels sheared.  There was no other damage or injury, though the traffic on the M25 was stopped for a few minutes while I retrieved one of the wheels. It has taken quite a bit of work to fix the trailer.

I’ve made repairs to two nasty dings in one of Tammy’s keels, and this weekend my girlfriend and I cleared her out completely and gave her a good clean. I’m hoping to get her re-launched within a week, so that we can enjoy some relaxed sailing around Purbeck this summer.

My health has necessarily limited my plans a great deal this year. You’re probably wondering what’s wrong with me. So is everyone else! I’ve been extraordinarily fatigued and weak for months. In March and April I only had a few hours each day awake, and those felt like I had severe jet lag. I seem to be recovering though, and I’m sure getting out in the sun on the sea will have a positive effect.

So, expect some new stories, pictures, and video.



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6 responses to “Tammy Norie and I are both alive

  1. Steve

    Bad luck ! Somehow,I had a feeling that you were unwell.
    A friend of mine had similar symptoms some years ago – it took her the best part of a year to fully recover. No diagnosis ,other than some mutterings about “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”
    Don’t worry,you’ll be sailing again soon !

  2. Jeff Glass

    Pal of mine (not a horse!) had Lyme’s Disease from a tick bite, laid him low with weakness and exhaustion for the best part of 6 months…have you possibly had a tick bite?

  3. Antoine Maartens

    First things first. Tammy can wait. Good luck with your recovery.

  4. Get well soon, Richard. Thanks for updating your blog. Best wishes for your sailing in Purbeck.

  5. Glad to hear from you again, hope the rest of the summer goes well!

  6. adam986a

    Hope the rest of the summer is good – take care!

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