Solent Boat Jumble

I will be at the Solent Boat Jumble in Netley tomorrow with a boot load of boat bits to sell. (In fact, the same things I took to the Beaulieu Boat Jumble in spring!) Do let me know if you’re nearby.



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2 responses to “Solent Boat Jumble

  1. Martin Roberts

    What sort of stuff?

    • There’s quite a long list! Among the things I sold were a 4-man liferaft (last serviced 1993), my overheated and dismantled Honda BF5A outboard, a pile of old buoyancy aids and lifejackets inherited from friends and a gimballed compass. About half the things I took. I’m pretty sure most things of value went. I made GBP 180 profit and cleared a lot of space.

      I also bought 100m of 12mm line for making a Jordan Series Drogue for GBP 50. Very nice stuff.

      I’m going to list a few of the remaining bits on eBay. My page is at . Heavy discounts available to friends, of course!

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