It’s been a long time since I made a post about Tammy Norie. I’ve been disabled by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over a year. I’ve improved a lot over the last few weeks, but if you know anything about CFS you’ll know I have to increase activity very slowly. So here I am with Tammy at FSMBC ready for a bit of very gentle pottering around The Solent.

It’s very good to see her.
Unfortunately I’ve missed yet another year of the Jester Challenge. CFS, sleep deprivation, and COLREGS do not mix, even if I’d had the necessary spoons to prepare! I’ll definitely skip the trans-Atlantic next year, but perhaps I’ll be ready for Baltimore in 2019.

I can’t promise lots of blog posts, but if I do any significant work on Tammy you’ll definitely hear about it!

I’d love to hear news of your Coromandels. What’s been happening?



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9 responses to “Recovery?

  1. Antoine Maartens

    Good to hear you are on the way back. Best take it easy however difficult.

    Siskin had her first taste of salt water since Cornwalll last November.

    She is in need for a new sail. Looking at Pete Hill’s incarnation of the split rig.

    But above all, she gives me what I want from here.

  2. Steve

    Very pleased to hear that you are making progress,I was begging to wonder !Being subject to Crohns disease I too have great difficulties with fatigue My Coromandel has been languishing on her mud berth and is looking rather forlorn. Still this year is a better year than last for me,so things may change !
    The Jester Challange is not going away,you have plenty of time !
    Onwards and upwards,as they say.

  3. philipsargent

    Very, very sorry to hear about your CFS. My wife had it some years ago and managed to get over it eventually.

  4. Annie

    Oh, you poor thing! I have a number of friends who have/had CFS and it can be hell. The worst thing is how so many people don’t take it seriously.

    Have you seen that JRA member Kurt Ulmer is buying a Coromandel in the UK? Maybe you and he will get together when he takes her over.

    Take it easy and just enjoy spending time on your boat. Simply being afloat at anchor is a wonderful restorative. Best of luck


    • Fortunately my CFS does not come with chronic pain, only persistent exhaustion, so I’ve not had it too badly. A year of life seems to have disappeared somewhere, and even my memory of it is very shaky, but there are people much worse off.

      I’ve been in touch with Kurt via email and on the Corribee/Coromandel mailing list. I hope to meet up with him.

      And yes, I can report that simply being aboard is very helpful. I’ve been sailing around the Solent, fixing things, and taking rest in the cabin. Simply being outside in the air and sun has a great effect.

  5. Thanks for your post, Richard. I think I speak for many of your readers when I say that I missed reading your updates. Let’s hope that you can soon remove the question mark from the title of this post – and replace it with an exclamation mark.

    My own Coromandel (which I was inspired to acquire last year, partly thanks to your blog and videos) is gradually taking shape, following my attempts at a refit. She has a “new” split-junk rig sail, with which I am experimenting. Maybe we’ll catch sight of Tammy Norie on the Solent this summer.

    Once again, very best wishes, Richard, for recovery from your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  6. Bernie Branfield

    Hi Richard, glad to hear that recovery is underway. I had a similar condition about four years ago and did the JBC this year so, while each situation is different, there is hope. I won’t be doing the Atlantic next year but there might be a group doing something shorter if you are interested.

    • I’m definitely interested. I was thinking of doing some Jester warm up, health permitting, because I definitely won’t be doing the Atlantic this time.

  7. Richard

    Please to hear about the recovery Richard, may it be sustained. Tammy looks great in the picture, I hope you had some enjoyable gentle pottering.
    Best wishes!

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