To Purbeck with Emmelène

I’m planning to sail from the Solent to Purbeck and Poole next weekend in company with Chris Boxer aboard Tammy’s sister Emmelène. This should be a fun outing. I’ll be meeting family there, but more interesting for my readers, this will be a good chance to compare my flat Hasler-McLeod rig with Emmelène’s split rig under a variety of conditions.

Here’s the plan:

  • Thursday around 13:00: Tammy and Emmelène rendezvous in the eastern Solent and ride the current to the west. Most likely overnight at Yarmouth, Lymington, or Keyhaven.
  • Friday 13:00: Pass through west Solent tide race at slack water and ride the current to Studland Bay.
  • Monday 04:00: Catch the tide change to sail back to the west Solent channel before it becomes impassable at around 11:00.

As always, if anyone wants to meet up please get on touch. (My nephew and niece get priority as crew on Tammy Norie, but have not yet confirmed.)


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6 responses to “To Purbeck with Emmelène

  1. Antoine Maartens

    Off to France next week. Sounds like a fun trip. Very interested to learn how Emmelene’s rig holds up & performs.

  2. Antoine Maartens

    Any chance you guys do some muasurements on the length of emmelene’s battens?

    Or is there a write up somewhere on this setup?

    • Hi Antoine, my battens are 6082 T6 aluminium tube , 3880mm long, 38mm diameter, 1.5mm wall thickness. I made simple pine plugs, coated them with epoxy, and finished each end with an eye bolt (M8 100mm stainless steel).
      I’ll detail my full rig dimensions in a future post on my blog.
      Best regards and thanks for your question.

      • Antoine Maartens

        Can’t wait Chris. Decision time over here: aero or split????

        • Split works. Aero to be a pioneer. We’d gain as a group if you did aero, but split has a working pattern. So it depends on your goals!

  3. I think Chris mentioned drawings. And if not, I’ll use a ruler and camera! I’d also like to document the rig. I have some ideas as well of course, and will share them happily.

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