Emmelène’s first voyage

Chris Boxer has written an account of our tandem sail to Poole and back, where we met Amiina and many others. I’m very pleased to have helped him gain experience and confidence. The more junk sailors the better!



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12 responses to “Emmelène’s first voyage

  1. Annie Hill

    What a lovely account from Chris.  It sounded like a most delightful wee junket!


  2. Antoine Maartens

    Nice write up of what must have been a lovely outing Chris!

    Query: is your most longer than Tammy’s?

    • Yes it is slightly. Chris had to rebuild part of his mast because the previous owner threw away the part below the hinge! There is an account on his blog. He’s ended up with a wooden topmast and a bit of extra height.

      • Antoine Maartens

        Would his sail have fit if had stuck to the standard length?

        • I believe so, but the boom might be a bit low. All panels are raised in this picture.
          You can vary the dimensions of course!

        • Antoine Maartens

          I worry a bit whether there would be any chance of a whisbone lifting the sleeve over the most and thus start an involuntary unplanned lowering action of the mast. If you catch my drift…. Could be awkward.

        • The split junk rig has downhauls to keep the main luff tight, so lifting should not be possible.

        • Antoine Maartens

          Once set I see no difficulties. It is more in the raising where I fear this could happen.

  3. Antoine Maartens

    Once set I see no problems.

    • Antoine Maartens

      It’s more when setting sail.

      As you might recall Siskin’s sleeve has a significant collar at the top end.

      I quite like the aero setup I must say. Especially in the Pete Hill incarnation of that line of thought.

      Ockham’s razor at work.

  4. Ah yes I see the problem. You could drill a hole in the mast and add a screw to keep the sleeve down (joking!) But actually, a lashing with an icicle hitch would work I bet. And there might be a way to build more slope around that collar.

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