Meeting Ophelia

Hurricane Ophelia is bringing strong warm winds from the south. If I’m able to get aboard, Tammy will be riding the storm.

Met Office surface pressure chart

Hurricane Ophelia approaching the UK

It’ll probably be down to a F7 by the time it reaches me.


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6 responses to “Meeting Ophelia

  1. stuart

    Looks as if it’s tracking northerly, stay home and keep warm!

  2. Peter T

    Spotted Tammy Norie coming down the harbour and out to play yesterday afternoon from our perch in the NCI watch tower at the entrance. You looked to be having a great time in the gusty wind (FYI the max wind speed we recorded was WSW at 30 knots). Sadly did not have my video camera with me otherwise would have taken some shots of your jaunt.

    • Hello Peter! Yes it was a lot of fun to mess around in. I’ll write up the story in a post shortly.

      • Peter T

        I look forward to the story in due course. I don’t suppose there would be any chance of having a look over Tammy and a chat whilst she is as Fareham as I am leaning heavily towards a junk rig owing to advancing years but don’t know any owners.

        • I’d be delighted to show her to you. I’m sure we could manage a bit of a sail in the harbour at the very least, before she comes out for the winter. I’ll send you email.

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