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I’ve been well enough to actually go sailing for a few days. It’s not much, but you can expect a real blog post or two soon.

In the meantime, a Coromandel has popped up on eBay. Fancy joining the family?

Furthermore, if you’d like me to take a look at her with you, I could combine the trip with a visit to the historic dockyard at Chatham. I’m especially interested in the ropery.

A comment here is enough for me to get in touch with you by email.


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12 responses to “Join the family

  1. Antoine Maartens

    Nice one.

    Was in Chatham / Rochester a few weeks ago. Very nice area indeed.

    How long would it take you to sail there?

    Siskin now back in the water since last week. Closed the engine opening and moved the engine to the back of the boat.

    Switched to a Tonqeedo engine for inshore trips.

    Marked improvement in rudder balance. Minor speed improvement (keels remain a problem of course).

    Now ready for some good autumn and winter sailing.

    • It would probably take four days in ideal weather. If I were well I might do it nonstop in two.

      I would also move my engine to the transom if I didn’t have the self-steering. The locker arrangement looks clever, but outboards are supposed to spend most of their time dry, as I’ve discovered (in this blog). What endurance do you get from your Torqeedo?

      There is a chance I might be in the Netherlands later this year. You will hear about it!

      • Antoine Maartens

        Trying to turn sheet to tiller steering into a fine art. Up wind works well. Figured out running courses last week. Works in light winds for now. Not quite there but making progress. New sail project moved a year, too bad but nothing that’s important and urgent. But that should help as well in this sheet to tiller quest.

        By the way – the torquedoo is so light and modular, you could easily remove it and still use the Hybredian on the motor mount. Other option, move it slightly to the side. I use the 1003 version which gives about 1,1 – 1,3 kW. No motoring into currents or pulling other Coromandels for Siskin I fear. I’ll soon have a second battery, that should give ample range at modest speeds.

      • Antoine Maartens

        Bit more on the range: haven’t managed to get the battery below 75% as of yet. When I do my autumn outing I’ll try my best to see what it does but most of my outings are about sailing….

        Last week, out of the harbour and later back in took 5% of the 916 wH it has on board.

        Big difference in usage, not in speed when opening the throttle completely. My motoring is very often motosailing, that seems to help in reducing energy consumption too.

        When I get the second battery, I’ll try to do an endurance test. I expect the temperature to be of influence too. It is for our Nissan Leaf, so I expect it to be of influence for this engine as well.

  2. john Taylor

    Hi There, I am hoping to look at the Ebay boat soon. I have also chatted to a gentleman called Kurt about a trailer. He steered me to your blog which i am looking forward to reading.

  3. Grahame Clarke

    Hi there, have just joined the family! bought a coromandel from Andy Seedhouse yard called Mudlark, needs some work before she goes into the water. I now need to find out how to rig and sail her!!!!!
    Any advice welcome

    • Welcome Grahame! Are you based near Woodbridge? I can easily visit there from Cambridge and introduce you to my friend and former junk rigger Martin as well.

  4. Grahame Clarke

    I am based in Harwich but intend to move the boat to the Walton backwaters but not until next spring when it is warmer and mudlark has the important things fixed such as nav lights and a cooker! Would love to meet up at some stage, can do anywhere in east anglia

  5. Hi I’m going to look at coromandel this weekend moving down from a sabre27 so head room is going to be an issue was in my friend one for first time yesterday. And started thinking o my head room it low mind you his cabin had about a foot of water on the floor so couldn’t put my foot down to get real idea of how it would work out. Derek

  6. Antoine Maartens

    The one on Ebay is ready for the full TLC treatment.

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