Project documents and unsinkability

This is a bit of an unusual blog post. It’s here to direct you to another place: the Tammy Norie Project Documents repository.  That’s where I’ve been developing some of the more complicated engineering projects, including this winter’s big ones:

Now, you might find these documents a bit inaccessible. They aren’t really intended as light or entertaining reading. They are engineering plans that I am using to get this work done.  I’m keeping them updated as I get along with the projects. But if you dig a little you’ll find journals within the documents that record what I’m doing day to day, and will eventually be edited in to blog posts.

I decided to publish them so that other people could benefit from seeing the projects develop, and how I approach these kinds of engineering problems. I’m also hoping that interested folks might have suggestions or spot mistakes before I make them!

The documents are stored in the Git version control system on GitHub, so you can see every change I’ve made to the documents. Become a GitHub user and you can leave comments on any part of any document or any change. You’re very welcome to do so.

Lastly, this is not a replacement for the blog. I intend to write articles here on the blog with summaries of things that I’ve done, and these will be a lot more digestible.  But if you’re really interested in details do dig in.


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10 responses to “Project documents and unsinkability

  1. An aside about my disability. I’m still suffering with ME/CFS, limiting my ability to do anything in a predictable way. However, I’ve recently had a breakthrough by switching to a near-zero carbohydrate ketogenic diet. It seems to have increased my wakefulness and my awake time dramatically. It’s still early days and I still have other symptoms, so we’ll have to see what I can actually get done. Writing detailed documents like this allows me to use my improved brainpower to plan my physical activity carefully. That’s very important because I still have post-exertional malaise (PEM), the key symptom of ME/CFS. It’s all a big experiment!

  2. corbeau23

    Good fortune to you !
    Two projects of interest to me – particularly unsinkability.

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  4. Antoine Maartens

    Well…. How about inflatable beach rollers? One holds 2000 llbs

    4 should float any Cormandel any time.
    2 in front end cabin
    1 in each backend cockpit locker..

    Inflates quickly.
    Very rugged.

    Will buy time to ponder further action.
    Could be inflated as à precaution when required.

    Insulate with removable yoga mats

  5. Antoine Maartens

    Back on topic of unsinkability Are you underway with the insulation unsinkability project or still pondering your next move?

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