Richard Brooksby

I’ve been sailing since childhood, starting out on Lake Windermere on Wayfarers and a lugger during activity holidays with my parents. Not long after we bought a Topper and later a Merlin Rocket both of which I sailed in the sea.

In 2002 I became a skipper with the Cambridge University Yacht Club. Most years I take a yacht load of students, often beginners, sailing on the club yacht for two weeks. Previous trips have been to Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Brittany, and Morocco.

I hold an International Certificate of Competence / Yachtmaster Coastal certificate but have sailed and skippered offshore. I have first aid, yacht safety, and sea survival training.

As of 2014 I’ve sailed somewhere around 6750 nautical miles.


2 responses to “Richard Brooksby

  1. Evening – I’m nearly at the end of restoring a Coromandel (1 year and counting) and I’ve found your blog really useful. It took me most of nine months to find it via various sites including the Corribee one. Boat’s not in the water yet, so I’ve only come across the restoration problems and not the sailing ones! Latest is major osmosis in the bilge keels, and I’m dealing with that at the moment. But everything else is done including the interior.
    Love to hear from you.

  2. Good morning Richard, Being a fan of junk-rig (thank you, Annie Hill!) I very much enjoy reading your blog.
    Last summer, off Sandbanks in Dorset, I took a pretty nice photo of you and your boat which you may like to have either just for amusement, or to use in any way you like. I remember thinking, “I must search online for that skipper and send him this photo.” You were sailing with that lovely blue junk-rigged Folkboat. You looked very at home, and Tammy Norrie was sailing brilliantly in light airs.
    Anyway, thanks again for the blog, and if you’d like a nice photo of your Coromandel sailing, please let me know your email address and I’ll send it to you.
    Best regards,
    Chris Boxer.

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