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Tammy’s twenty twenty

It’s been nine months since my last post. ME/CFS has kept me from making a great deal progress on Tammy Norie. That, and the COVID-19 pandemic have kept Tammy out of the sea this year. Most of my plans for this year were scuppered: meeting three other Coromanels, sailing to Brittany, and attending the International Maritime Festival in Brest (sensibly cancelled). Disability also kept me from writing.

In the past month I have improved a great deal, and made quite a bit of progress, and I find I have quite a lot to write about!

  • I built a third tent for Tammy Norie that helped to dry her out thoroughly over the winter.
  • I have scraped and sanded all of Tammy’s bottom back to the bare gelcoat (and through it in some places) in preparation for an osmosis-preventing barrier.
  • I discovered water inside Tammy’s keels, and have been through a quite unusual drying process!
  • I found weaknesses in the seams around Tammy’s keels, and reinforced both keels with quite a bit of new fibreglass.
  • I have made a start on the closed-cell foam insulation and floatation and can show some details.
  • I have built a prototype for a mast replacement, and have detailed plans to build a complete new mast.
  • I am finally enlarging the cockpit drains, reducing the draining time from around 40 to just four minutes.

I hope to write posts about all these topics, with many pictures and details, in the coming days. Watch this space.


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Tammy’s bottom

When I beached Tammy Norie at Sea Palling I had a chance to check her bottom. She’s been in the water for a couple of months without any new antifouling treatment except whatever was applied by the previous owners at least 25 years ago. In this video you can join me as I take a look.

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