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Tammy Norie’s headlining looked lovely when I bought her, but after a short time sailing it started to fall off. The glue and foam on the back of the vinyl started to give up, probably when it started getting a little damp. Well, she had been in storage for 25 years.

Last summer I stuck it up with tape and carried on sailing. Now I’ve stripped it all out and given her a coat of paint instead. Here’s a short video about how I did that. (Spoiler: use an oscillating multi-tool.)

And here she is with her new paint job in Hempel “light cream”, which happens to match her topsides and interior gelcoat almost perfectly. Very sunny!


This will certainly do for the summer.

In the longer term I intend to line her with closed cell foam and some sort of covering. My goal is to displace over 1m³ of water with foam, providing over 1t of buoyancy. That should make Tammy Norie unsinkable. I’ve calculated that 10mm of foam on all the surfaces I’ve just painted, plus the cushions, add up to about 1m³, and that’s not counting the locker interiors or any other voids, so it’s quite achievable. (Of course, to use the cushions for buoyancy I’d need to come up with a scheme for attaching them much more strongly to the boat, but I have some ideas.)

I was reminded of the importance of this scheme on launch day when three friends from CUYC dropped by to see Tammy Norie and told me they’d just seen a collision and very rapid sinking right nearby in the Solent.

Not for me, thanks. Tammy Norie will pass The Mingming Test.


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First tour of Tammy Norie

On the way from Shotley to West Mersea I recorded this little tour of Tammy Norie. Things mentioned:

  • boat layout
  • autopilot
  • solar panel
  • sheeting system
  • deck fittings
  • deck locker contents
  • sail trim
  • mysteriously long burgee halyard
  • oars
  • cockpit drains
  • Coromandel versus Corribee topsides and cabin layout
  • headlining
  • Plastazote® insulation and buoyancy foam
  • mystery flies

There’s plenty more to show for another time.  Let me know if you have anything you particularly want to see or know about.


2014-08-13 · 07:53