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Tammy’s bottom

When I beached Tammy Norie at Sea Palling I had a chance to check her bottom. She’s been in the water for a couple of months without any new antifouling treatment except whatever was applied by the previous owners at least 25 years ago. In this video you can join me as I take a look.

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Twenty five years under a tarpaulin left Tammy Norie’s hull looking quite dull. Though fundamentally sound and without serious scratches, a flapping tarp will gradually add millions of tiny scratches and turn a shiny surface matt.


We had a go at polishing her with T-cut and a buffing machine.  It did help a bit, but we couldn’t really get a shiny surface.


Tony Perridge, who surveyed Tammy Norie, suggested a product called Poliglow — a polyurethane lacquer.  It comes in two parts: an acid wash for preparing the surface (and also excellent at cleaning stuff!) and the milky lacquer itself. You apply the lacquer with a kind of artificial chamois-leather. It’s completely magical. Just wipe the boat with the applicator and it turns shiny. And stays that way.

For Tammy Norie it took just five minutes to apply one coat, and five minutes for it to dry.  I applied six coats over the course of a couple of hours.  The results were great.

Look at that shine!  A few hours with a buffing machine and six coats of lacquer and she's like new.

After a weekend in the water Tammy Norie was a bit grubby, but just wiped clean with a sponge and some soapy water.

The instructions say to apply a couple more coats each year. That’ll take about 15 minutes.

We’ll see how she looks after a season.

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