It’s been a long time since I made a post about Tammy Norie. I’ve been disabled by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over a year. I’ve improved a lot over the last few weeks, but if you know anything about CFS you’ll know I have to increase activity very slowly. So here I am with Tammy at FSMBC ready for a bit of very gentle pottering around The Solent.

It’s very good to see her.
Unfortunately I’ve missed yet another year of the Jester Challenge. CFS, sleep deprivation, and COLREGS do not mix, even if I’d had the necessary spoons to prepare! I’ll definitely skip the trans-Atlantic next year, but perhaps I’ll be ready for Baltimore in 2019.

I can’t promise lots of blog posts, but if I do any significant work on Tammy you’ll definitely hear about it!

I’d love to hear news of your Coromandels. What’s been happening?


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Solent Boat Jumble

I will be at the Solent Boat Jumble in Netley tomorrow with a boot load of boat bits to sell. (In fact, the same things I took to the Beaulieu Boat Jumble in spring!) Do let me know if you’re nearby.


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The course is set. The wind vane steers. The weather’s good. The wind is up. I remember this! Too late this year for big adventures. But not for big dreams and big plans. While the wind vane steers.


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Tammy Norie and I are both alive

Hello friends and followers of my adventures on Tammy Norie. I’ve had several messages asking after me. I thought I should give you a quick update!

I have been quite unwell for several months, and unable to make very much progress with plans and repairs to Tammy Norie, let alone launching and sailing her.  There are several stories to tell.  When Dad and I towed her south from Cambridge, both the offside wheels fell off the trailer. Tammy had to be rescued for the second time since I’ve had her. This time it wasn’t a salvage company, but a low loader that brought her home.  The studs holding on the wheels sheared.  There was no other damage or injury, though the traffic on the M25 was stopped for a few minutes while I retrieved one of the wheels. It has taken quite a bit of work to fix the trailer.

I’ve made repairs to two nasty dings in one of Tammy’s keels, and this weekend my girlfriend and I cleared her out completely and gave her a good clean. I’m hoping to get her re-launched within a week, so that we can enjoy some relaxed sailing around Purbeck this summer.

My health has necessarily limited my plans a great deal this year. You’re probably wondering what’s wrong with me. So is everyone else! I’ve been extraordinarily fatigued and weak for months. In March and April I only had a few hours each day awake, and those felt like I had severe jet lag. I seem to be recovering though, and I’m sure getting out in the sun on the sea will have a positive effect.

So, expect some new stories, pictures, and video.


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Beaulieu Boat Jumble

I will be at the Beaulieu Boat Jumble tomorrow with a boot-load of bits and pieces to sell. Do let me know if you’d like to meet.


I promise I’ll write a longer update this week!

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Visiting Taiwan

I will be visiting Taiwan next week. I plan to track down traditional boats and visit any maritime museums I can while I’m there.

Does anyone have any tips?

I will report back with whatever I find!

I’m sorry the blog has been so quiet. I have been very occupied with work since September and have had almost no time for sailing or boats at all. However, there is some news, and I will write some detailed entries soon about it.  The short version:

  1. Tammy Norie was craned out two weeks ago at Woodbridge and I towed her to Waterbeach, near Cambridge, where she’s in a friend’s driveway, so that I can work on her.
  2. I have a fairly detailed to-do list for the Jester Azores Challenge and will share the plans with you on the blog.
  3. I will be making pictures and videos of my work on Tammy leading up to the Jester Azores Challenge.

Right now, the Challenge feels impossible. But then again, what I did last summer seems quite unlikely, so that’s no guide.


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Jester Ipswich Challenge

Poor Tammy Norie has been sitting in the mud at Woodbridge for a few weeks since the North Sea crossing back from the Netherlands.  Suddenly I have a lot of work requests from clients and very little time to sail. I’m having something of a three bus problem at work.

This Saturday night there’ll be a dinner for Jester Challengers at Fox’s Marina in Ipswich. There’s a big morning high tide at Woodbridge on Saturday, pleasant weather and a fair wind, so it looks good to get off the mud at about 10:30, sail down the Deben, around the corner at Felixstowe, and up to Fox’s.

Sunday is not quite so convenient. There’s a very high (4.4m) tide at Woodbridge at 00:44 on Monday, so I should be able to get back on to the dock at about 23:15, then head back to Cambridge in the morning.

As usual, do let me know if you’d like to meet up or join in!


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