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A mooring in Fareham Creek

Tammy Norie now has a permanent mooring in Fareham Creek at the Fareham Sailing and Motorboat Club right here:

Mooring maintenance is the responsibility of the club member at FSMBC, so Dad and I rowed out and checked the sinkers, shackles, and chains on under a promising buoy pointed out by Sid, the mooring master. This particular trot mooring had two concrete sinkers about three quarters of a metre across, and some very heavy chain and shackle.


Tammy Norie will be sitting dry (ish) on the mud for a few hours around low tide, but she’s good at that.

Now I just have to get her in the water!



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South Coast moorings for Tammy Norie

On Sunday I visited the Fareham Sailing and Motor Boat Club for an induction. My uncle is a member there and recommended it. It’s in a lovely location, and will a south coast home for Tammy Norie.


Quite apart from the club being full of pleasant people, it can offer Tammy Norie moorings about 10 minutes walk from Fareham station, has a workshop with a pontoon, and a bunch of dinghies available for messing about in Portmouth Harbour with my nephews and niece. My parents are only 20 minutes away and Dad works nearby.

But at the moment I’m having too much fun wandering the East Coast and Tammy is at Lowestoft. I’m not sure how or when I’ll get to Fareham.

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