To do

Here is a rough, incomplete, unorganized to-do list for Tammy Norie. Last updated 2019-06-25.

On the water

  • Weigh sail bundle for comparison with new sail.
  • Calculate righting moment.
  • Try tacks with engine lifted
  • Try tacks with sail rigged to starboard


Long distance

  • Construct series drogue.
  • Build ocean hatch (see Mai’s pod and Havsfidra).
  • Solve engine lifting problem.
  • Line boat with foam for floatation and insulation.
  • Fix Hebridean push rod chafe and collisions.
  • Replace rusty Hebridean parts with stainless.
  • Invert Hebridean mount pivot to provide clearance and improve bearing.
  • Fit interior grab rails.
  • Upgrade and add safety line strong points
  • Replace mast?
  • Reinforce mast stub
  • Practice slow cooker recipes
  • Consider replacing windows with strong portholes, or temporary outer blanking large windows
  • Window blanking plates and fixtures
  • Consider blanking plate for outboard well
  • Remote control for Hebridean
  • Consider interior steering solution / steering from companionway
  • Reinforce main hatch slider with aluminium channel
  • Breaking wave mitigation for cockpit
  • Enlarged cockpit drain
  • Lightning conductor
  • Reinforce mast head
  • Spare battens
  • Hebridean spares
  • Spare weatherboards
  • Weatherboard lanyards
  • Consider satellite comms
  • Move fibreglass repair kit aboard
  • HF radio
  • Backup bilge pump
  • Learn to fish
  • Assemble grab bag
  • Spare electronics in Faraday box (biscuit tin)

Winter ashore

  • Weld trailer
  • Inspect bilge pump
  • Secure battery
  • Investigate inside keel voids
  • Gas bottle drain (into cockpit drain?)
  • Reinforce wobbly engine mount with brackets
  • Service engine, especially valve seats
  • Start writing procedures
  • Inspect through-hulls
  • Attach bungs to through-hulls
  • Double-up hose clips on through-hulls and cockpit drains
  • Rub down and oil woodwork
  • Monitor moisture in hull over drying season
  • Uncoil antenna cable inside mast
  • Fix toilet pump leak
  • Clean toilet with chemicals while out of water
  • Improve attachment of forward cabin shelf
  • Add connectors to lighting wire to allow mast disassembly
  • Consider bubble wrap and conduit in lower mast
  • Seal deck core
  • Inspect anchor chain and splice
  • Upgrade antenna mount
  • Proper waterproof junction box for mast lighting
  • Polish out scratches in mast
  • Epoxy anchor fitting backplate
  • Re-seal log fitting
  • Patch and polish gel coat damage
  • Add protective strip to leading edge of keels
  • Add protective strip / shoes to base of keels. (See Guy’s suggestion of oak shoes.)
  • Drain keels
  • Inspect strake
  • Scrape bottom and apply osmosis prevention layer
  • Inspect rudder tangs
  • Recondition battery
  • Add quarter berth bilge drain hole (with pipe to main bilge?)
  • Service log wheel and echo sounder oil pot
  • Re-bed deck fittings and stanchions
  • Replace all self-tapping screws into deck with machine screws and nuts
  • Recess all deck hardware bolts to protect core
  • Repair or replace Houdini hatch
  • Replace mini-deck around mast
  • Inspect inflatable kayak
  • Clean the water tank and pipes
  • Make a gas alarm connector
  • Inspect fog horn gas cannisters
  • Check licences: radio, CG66, SSR, etc.
  • Hebridean bungee to counterweight (p8 on R2)
  • Inspect fire extinguisher
  • Re-read original survey
  • Remove and re-seal windows
  • Epoxy coat new wedge disc and step blocks
  • Service tools and spares

As and when

  • Mark anchor chain and rode length intervals
  • Remove unused half of table and re-attach table fiddles
  • Permanent equipment panel and mounts (handheld, ventimeter, clock, baro, termometer, binos, dividers, phone, …)
  • Make a flopper stopper
  • Consider turning combings into accessible cockpit shelves
  • Re-make switch panel and radio mount
  • Add washers to cockpit grab handle screws
  • Organise to-do list
  • Replace waterproofs
  • Experiment with bag around outboard containing fresh water
  • Measure rudder area
  • Consider enlarging rudder
  • Consider rudder end-plates
  • Connect engine charging circuit
  • Wire up heads light
  • Re-weld or make new stove fiddles
  • Separate lights using rotary switch to allow motoring combination etc.
  • Cloth mast boot
  • Cockpit tent
  • Whip rope ends
  • Print new copy of COLREGS
  • Varnish yard and boom ends
  • Consider swapping 8mm anchor chaing for longer 6mm chain
  • Add a Plimsoll line (for fun)
  • Attachments to strap things into cockpit (“pad eyes”)
  • Attachments to strap things into cabin
  • Rowlocks / yuloh
  • Paint inside sliding hatch
  • Add stringers where gelcoat has cracked due to stress.
  • Improve strum box (see survey)
  • Swing compass
  • Add spacer to mast base hatch and replace screws to avoid further injury.


  • AAA rechargeable batteries
  • Clock and barometer
  • Sail repair kit and materials (including sail tape)
  • Liferaft
  • Almanac
  • Courtesy flags
  • Netting


  • Write about plans for next year
  • Update circuit diagram
  • Write about mast damage
  • Write about rake results


    • Replace engine starter cord with nylon
    • Conduct sailing experiments with raked mast.
    • Inspect ground tackle at FSMBC

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