Tammy Norie is a Newbridge Coromandel, a junk-rigged variation of the world-famous Corribee.

Tammy Norie is Scots for Puffin.

Tammy Norie was commissioned in 1982 by Jack and Sheila Robbie. She has sail number 8 and a mysterious hull number.  They sailed her for about five years through the Caledonian Canal and the Hebrides, but then bought a larger Maurice Griffiths yacht which Jack converted to junk rig.  He kept the Coromandel for single-handed sailing, but in the end she spent about 25 years in a garden.  The Robbies did an excellent job of preserving her, and when I bought her from them in December 2013 she was in very good condition.  It only took about 30 hours of work to make her launchable again.

This blog is about my work on restoring and improving her, and of course my sailing experiences aboard her.

My ambitions for her include the Jester Challenge — solo sailing the Atlantic. I hope to achieve this without any fundamental alterations, but by strengthening the character of both Tammy and myself.

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